Sunday, July 29, 2012

May---Surprises, Traveling, Craziness and Chaos... about being busy...Its the end of July and I am now blogging about May.  I told myself when I started I wanted to dedicate a few hours a week to blogging..well so far I have failed, but I will do better!!

The kids and I spent 5 days in New York as a surprise to my dad for his birthday.  It was a wonderful trip and the kids and I had so much fun and we spent tons of quality time with our amazing family.  We left on Saturday the 19th and arrived to rush to my Uncle's for my dad's surprise party.  My Aunt Anna did a wonderful job and I will say my dad cried like a baby when he saw the twins.  I went up for New Years this year, however he hadn't seen them since last summer.  We spent Sunday lazing by Uncle Gary and Aunt Anna's pool and Monday and Tuesday just relaxing at my Nannie's.  We left on Wednesday which was sad, but we still had so much to do in the few short days left in the month.  Our Aunt Theresa also celebrated her 40th birthday on May the 11 and we had cake for her too.

While we were there we also went to New Paltz to a place called Moxie Cupcakes...Oh my goodness, but they were amazing!!!

Hannah and Aunt Theresa

The view of the Hudson River


Thomas and Trace

Uncle Gary and Trace

Hannah and Papa!!! 
Aunt Theresa is our love and we miss her and "baby" Jamie so much!!  Jamie is her 12 year old son our cousin and he is taller and bigger than me...however Hannah and Trace still call him "baby" its so cute!!
We miss everyone especially my Dad...He is so very good to us and I am so proud of him!!!  We love you Papa!!!!!

May was also the end of school and Hannah's second grade field trip to Seaworld.  We spent the day hanging out with my old classmates and her classmates.

Krystianna and Hannah

My beautiful princess!!

Hannah and her BFF Liyah

What a great day even though it was a 100 degrees!!

It is now school shopping time and I finally have internet again at home...I am also so glad this semester at school is almost over.  It has been a rough few months for me.  I am taking a break next semester so I can focus on the kids and their transition to 2nd and 3rd grade.  Also girl scouts will be starting soon, football and cheerleading and Trace wants to do cub scouts.  I would also like to get more involved with the PTA and who knows what else...