Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We had a great Mother's Day weekend.  Very low key but spent with our family, our mama's and of course a day all about me!!!

Friday the kids came home from school with cute handmade cards, Trace brought me a cake he decorated at school from publix...full of sprinkles cause he knows his mama's favorite thing besides our family is sprinkles!!! Also a little flower that I must say is strong and has withstood be dry, spending the night on its side and is still blooming beautifully!! I got a new Pink fishing pole!!!  Woohoo!!

My card from Hannah and cake and flower from Trace

 Saturday we had Blue Highway Pizza, cake and chocolate covered strawberries.

When we got home I made lasagna with sausage and spinach for our lunch on Sunday when my mom and sister came over.

 On Sunday I woke up...LATE... to kisses from my two babies and Hannah brought me coffee.  The kids and made me a yummy omelet in bed and let me relax and watch and TV.

Then my mom and and sister, fiance, and kiddies came over after meeting in town for some pictures amid the wild flowers...

Hope, Timmy, Brooklyn, Isaiah and Christopher

My beautiful babies!!

After a yummy lunch my mom went to visit some friends and we headed to Dad's and Grammy Lisa's for some food, pool and good times!!  All in all we had a busy but great weekend.  I know one thing for sure I am truly blessed.

I hope all the other Mother's out there that read my blog had a wonderful Mother's Day also!!

Until next time!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Teacher Appreciation...Seaworld....Jacksonville Zoo...

Its that time of year again...the end of another great school year with some really great teachers.  Hannah and Trace both had a good year this year and despite a few little setbacks they have both grown so much!!

Hannah had 2 teachers one for reading and writing and one for math and science...Mrs Sparrow and Ms. Braley.  Trace also had an amazing teacher Mrs. Adkins and he thrived in her class.  I normally am more creative and make something special with the kids, but this year the time got away from us.  So we decided to partake in one of our favorite past time....SHOPPING!!

I found the cups which I thought were adorable and then I found these cute little charms that you can hang from anything.  My only regret is that I didn't get one for myself!!

Jacksonville Zoo...

Hannah's third grade went to the Zoo for their end of the year field trip on Tuesday of this past week.  My mother and I chaperoned.  It has been a few years since I have been to Jacksonville Zoo with the kids and its really neat to see how much it has grown over the years.  We had a great day and the weather was beautiful.  One thing I love about that zoo is that everything is labeled including the plants.  Here are a few....I took over 150 but of course I won't post that many!!

Hannah and her bestie Liyah

Honeysuckle smell yumminess!!

My beautiful princess


Hannah and I


so beautiful!!

and a few more....

Sister leopards


Hannah, Grandma and Christopher


Next year is the 100th anniversary of the zoo and they are going to re introduce Tigers to the park.  We will be definitely heading back then.

Hannah said "Mama this was the best day of my life!!"  I love that she says that and feels like that about EVERYTHING!!!

Trace and Seaworld....On Friday I went on Trace's 2nd grade field trip to Seaworld and we had another beautiful hot and full full day!!

We had to be a the school at 6:30 am and we did not make it home until 8pm.  We got to do so much more then Hannah and I were able to do last year.  We first had to see the Sharks per Trace and the sweet other boys we got to chaperone.  Then we saw and got to feed the sea lions and seals.
That was a crazy experience and I think we fed the birds more that swooped down and stole the fish!!

The Sharks were really neat and we enjoyed them...

Silly Boy!!


A certain kind of shark eggs
We were able to see to 3 awesome shows...Shamu show, dolphins and Clyde and Seamore...


My handsome little guy!!

Awesome Showmanship!!
Unfortunately we did not get the opportunity to feed the dolphins, but we did spend about an hour with the stingrays and that is neat and scary to feed them!!

Another thing that I really enjoyed was just the pretty things everywhere.  From props to flowers to scenery and decorations...

The kids got to spend some time playing, some water play, and also got to see and experience other sea animals that normally you will not see in the wild.  However over the past two weeks while out on our boat we have seen manatees, sharks on our lines and sea turtles.


choot em!! ode to swamp people

and the last picture of the day...Trace and his amazing teacher Mrs. Adkins