Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We had a great Mother's Day weekend.  Very low key but spent with our family, our mama's and of course a day all about me!!!

Friday the kids came home from school with cute handmade cards, Trace brought me a cake he decorated at school from publix...full of sprinkles cause he knows his mama's favorite thing besides our family is sprinkles!!! Also a little flower that I must say is strong and has withstood be dry, spending the night on its side and is still blooming beautifully!! I got a new Pink fishing pole!!!  Woohoo!!

My card from Hannah and cake and flower from Trace

 Saturday we had Blue Highway Pizza, cake and chocolate covered strawberries.

When we got home I made lasagna with sausage and spinach for our lunch on Sunday when my mom and sister came over.

 On Sunday I woke up...LATE... to kisses from my two babies and Hannah brought me coffee.  The kids and made me a yummy omelet in bed and let me relax and watch and TV.

Then my mom and and sister, fiance, and kiddies came over after meeting in town for some pictures amid the wild flowers...

Hope, Timmy, Brooklyn, Isaiah and Christopher

My beautiful babies!!

After a yummy lunch my mom went to visit some friends and we headed to Dad's and Grammy Lisa's for some food, pool and good times!!  All in all we had a busy but great weekend.  I know one thing for sure I am truly blessed.

I hope all the other Mother's out there that read my blog had a wonderful Mother's Day also!!

Until next time!!


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