Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend fun

The weather has been up and down for the last couple weeks.  Hot Hot Hot weather than cold and rainy in the blink of an eye.  When it is beautiful we immediately use that time wisely and what I love about spring and summer is laying out, swimming, fishing and soaking up love time with my family!!

We have been out on our boat 4 times in the last month.  Last weekend we took Trace out for the day and we had a blast.  Hannah stayed poolside over at Grandpa and Lisa's house.

My little fisherman

our guest was hungry

bathing beauty!!

she was trying to flex
This weekend the kids were with their dad and it was rainy on Saturday.  The damp weather made my back ache so I spent it in bed on a heating pad.  Sunday I blogged, uploaded pictures and caught up on my TV and read.

Next weekend is Mother's Day so I am looking forward to spending the day with my mom.  I made her, my Nannie, my Grannie and  Mom Judy super cute cards on snapfish.  I also made Judy a collage of our Easter pictures.  My mom wants a family picture made so hopefully we will be able to do that in a field with flowers next weekend.  I also made my Aunt Theresa and my dad picture cards for their Birthdays.  I have something planned to make for Father's Day for him.

I love Snapfish and what's so cool is I was able to make different cards for each person and with snapfish mailing them the cards were like $3.50 a piece.  You can't beat it.  There were cheaper than the store and 1,000 times more priceless!!  I will probably never buy a store card for a family member again.

They also have discounts up to 40% off.
Here's a link http://www1.snapfish.com/snapfish/welcome

We have a busy next couple months and we are all looking forward to summer break.

In two weeks we have Hannah's field trip to the Jacksonville Zoo on a Tuesday and on Friday Trace's trip to Seaworld.  Brittany is graduating from high school the end of May.  We have her graduation party and Curtis' birthday party the beginning of June.  We are hoping to go away for a long weekend over Father's day and for my birthday and then a Girl Scout field trip to Homosassa State Park the end of June.  Also I am taking online classes for my Coding and Billing certification.  Its crazy, we are busy, I love it and wouldn't change it!!

Until Next Time!!

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