Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Gators!!!

It is that time of the year again...Thank Goodness!!!  College football is the best in the world...I personally feel the players have more passion and fun then professional.  However there is no team better than the Florida Gators!!!

Over the years the Gators have had some great players but course I could not do a post about them and not talk about #15 Tim Tebow!!  He is #1 in my book and I have followed him to Denver and now the Jets.  He is not only an awesome player but an amazing man!!!  And for all those out there that live under a rock here he is!!!!!!!

Now that I have barely done him justice I am gonna move onto what shames me the most in life and being the parent I am... (who has threatened a bed outside, no TV, no food) just kidding....

I live in a.....

yep....yep... I can't believe but my poor does not know any better beautiful baby girl likes the seminoles....

It's terrible...I always tell her the Gator's put food on our table and a roof over our head (I work for UF) and its the funniest thing when Trace tells her the same.

She is misguided...must be confused...She doesn't waver not matter how much grief we give her...we threaten to cut up her many shirts that she sports while we are in Gator gear...I'm not sure she is mine...kidding again

And I am so proud of her for loving what she loves and not wavering!!!  For threatening to cut up our shirts if we cut up hers and for telling us its against the law for making her sleep outside unless she is camping!!

I love her for being standing firm and being independent...and a as a parent I will not always agree with their decisions and choices, but I will support them in matter how much it hurts!! So with that and while hiding my face in shame and hoping nobody I know sees me I have purchased my baby seminole gear.

One thing is for sure we are looking forward to this weekend and you will hear all of us cheering for miles!!!  Its opening weekend!!!  Pinterest inspired and tried and true recipes will be brought forth again this weekend because baby in Gator Country that is how we roll!!!  Chomp Chomp!!!!

SN: The kids and I went to Tallahassee for the weekend before school started and let me tell you it was not a fun visually appealing trip...Hannah loved it..Trace hated it... Happy Football!!!


Thursday, August 30, 2012


My friend Jessee just recently welcomed a new baby girl into her family.  Her and her husband have two boys under the age 4 so it has been exciting.  I personally love anything pink and girly and baby girls so I had tons of fun shopping and putting together her coed PINK PARTY!!!!  I must say I am pretty proud of myself and thankful for the help of many friends who helped with food, setting up and making it a great evening full of fun, laughter, karoake and celebrating the upcoming arrival of Baby Irelynne!!

The banner was my first project of its kind.  I got the idea from my amazingly crafty cousin Jenna.  She was like its sooooo easy...puhleese!!  Those foldy bow things were crazy to get the hang I can do them in my sleep!!  Go team Me!!  But all in all I think it turned out beautifully!!

Next came the pom pom balls...I watched a tutorial on you tube and decided theses would be easy as pie to make and cheap..they were.   However you can buy them at Michael's but I dont know know why you would I think they are like $5 a piece and mine cost about a dollar to make.

 You can never have enough pretty glass so I have been spent the past few months collecting different shape glasses dishes with and without lids and different size vases to fill with flowers and different candys and treats... We had finger foods, a watermelon cut like a baby carriage, cupcakes, pretzels and cake ball pops...Those were a nightmare....way beyond my scope of expertise.  They were UGLY...I don't think I took a picture...I did but I would never shame myself by posting it.

I loved shopping for Little Irelynne and as obsessed as I am about buying hair bows and headbands for Hannah it was extra fun shopping for the baby... My favorite was a tiara headband which was adorable!!  I love love love shopping on etsy!!

This is not baby Irelynne....but how can you not love either!!
To purchase your own check out ImaginationCouture on Etsy and this link

I love shopping!!  Look at the likke gloves!!  who can resist even if we live in Florida!!!
 Oh did I say I dyed rice green for this party to look like grass for the cake balls that came out like pink piles of yuck!!  LOL what a sight....OK onto more pictures

Jessee and I

And on 8/14 weighing 7lbs 13oz Irelynne Aliyiah was born to two very proud parents and a bunch of honorary Aunts and Uncles!!!

Irelynne and Auntie Anita


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First days of school....

I cannot believe that the summer just flew by and my babes are off to school again... What is so crazy is that my twins are going to seperate schools this year. For the first time ever they will not only be seperated by different classes of different grades, now they will be a mile apart and will not see each other at all not even in passing.

See its like this Trace has struggled with reading for years. He didn't talk much until he was 3 because Hannah did it all for him.  You would ask him a question and he would look at her to answer for him.  He started with and IEP and speech therapy in Pre-K which continued into Kindergarten.  Hannah and trace were in seperate classes, but he still struggled while she excelled.  So at the end of the year it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, holding one of my babies back and sending another forward.  I do know that it was the best choice and watching Trace flourish and listening to him reading and sounding out words makes me so happy and proud of him.

My handsome little man!!
 Trace has Ms. S at JBES this year and is in 2nd grade.  Hannah has Mrs. A and Mrs. B and she is in 3rd grade at WES. I am so proud of her also and even though she struggled in Math last year I am hoping this year she will do much better and excel.  I am also looking forward for all the teeth she has lost this summer to grow back in because her one chiclet overwhelms my poor babies face. Its sweet and comical...She will grow into her beautiful smile!!

She looks super in her new glasses!!
 In the weeks before school we did massive school shopping which turned out great for Hannah, but for some reason this area is in short supply for boys clothes and what really dives me crazy is we live in Florida we wear shorts until Dec and then its cold for 2 months...There were NOOOOOOOO shorts in Trace's size at JcPenney, Old Navy or Target...ok 2 pairs..I think that is crappy..just sayin.
Of course Hannah made out like a bandit...numerous dresses, shirts, skirts, and 3 pairs of new shoes.  I did get Trace new shirts, socks, sneakers etc.

Oh my goodness lets talk about school supplies...I spent a fortune this year on school supplies...It probably doesn't help that I get everything on the teachers wish list too....I just want my kids to have a great education and teachers that are happy!!

Hannah and Trace and I spent Sunday evening before the first day of school making their teacher presents....Me more than them because I worry about the hot glue, but they cut paper and ribbon for me.  I think they turned out super cute and the kids were proud of them!!

We had one last trip before school started and overnight trip to Tallahassee to pick up our Grannie so she could get some testing at Shands to see if she qualifies to be put on the Kidney Transplant list.  We had a great visit and of course she cooked us some good Grannie food...fried chicken, potatoes and onions and cabbage!!  Yummy!!  We were sad to see her go after testing Monday and Tuesday I drove her back to Tallahassee to meet my Uncle Kelly on Wednesday morning.

Yum!!!  and yes I ate it all!!!
 Ok back to the first day...

Hannah and Trace on 8/20/12.


My beautiful 3rd grader!!!

My handsome 2nd grader!