Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rambling Randomness..

I have so many things running around in my head lately... it's insane when I think back to all the things that have occurred, we have done, and we have accomplished in 2012 so far!!  I am so proud of Hannah and Trace and they are amazingly wonderful children.  They definitely make me strive to be better and do better.

These are pictures of the kids and I at 2 of their field trips this year. I went with Trace's first grade to Lowry state park in Tampa and I went with Hannah's second grade class to Oleno State Park for a Thanksgiving lunch and fun day.  I love that I am able to participate in all these things with them.  I wish I could do more and spend more time at the school with them, but unfortunately I'm the money maker in our little family...and I have 2 very hungry bottomless pit stomachs to feed...boy I cannot imagine how much Trace will be eating in a few years...he already eats more than I do.

I will be going with Hannah's class next month to Seaworld for there end of the year field trip.  We have season passes to Busch Gardens and Seaworld and we will actually be there the week before to spend the day with some friends visiting from Kokomo, Indiana..Kelly and her twin girls Carly and Shelby.  We haven't seen them in almost a year since we were in New York last summer for my Aunt Theresa's wedding.  We are excited!!

The kids and I went to Busch Gardens over their spring break which was lots of fun and I will post about later when I can find the the time to upload my pictures.

While we were on spring break we took our first trip of the summer to the BEACH!!!!  Now let me tell you I love the BEACH and so do the kids. There is nothing better than feeling the sand between your toes, feel the sun on your skin and the ocean breeze on your face.  We are BEACH bums and sun worshippers...we do use alot of sunscreen because we are Floridians and would prefer to avoid skin cancer.
We went to the beach with my best friend LeighAnn and her son Mason and my really really great friend Jenn and her little girl Cate who is 2. The kids had a blast..we all did. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and is was truly a wonderful start of our summer!!!

Trace, Mason and Hannah

What a sky!!!


As I am sure you noticed in the picture above that adorable monkey is Hannah's Pinky. She is obsessed with her "babies" all monkeys and she coddles them at different times sometimes more than one. Right now Pinky is the apple of her eye and she refuses to leave home without her. I even have to kiss them all goodnight.
My poor Hannah leaves herself open to torment by her brother when she leaves her "baby" alone.  We have had screaming and tears when Trace threatens to "hurt" it.  Its funny but also sad... Its hard to explain..poor baby I get on to Trace because he is the same way about his Lego's.
She is definitely compulsive about them, but that is Hannah's nature...along with sucking her thumb which I have tried everything under the sun to get her to quit. Splints, showing her pictures of buck teeth, band aids, polish...nothing works.  I can only imagine.......


Oh goodness school...math class...uggghhhh... So one thing I regret is that I didn't finish college many many years ago.... I am grateful I work for the University and get paid very well and have 10 years with the State of Florida, but I do want to finish college. For myself and to set an example for my children. HOWEVER, Math is not my favorite subject. As a matter of fact its my absolute least favorite.  There is less than 2 weeks left of this semester with a graphing exam on Thursday and our final next Thursday...I am proud to say I have an A plus in the class so far and I am happy!!!  Not overly confidant as I still have 2 more exams but pleased with myself.  This summer I am going to take a writing class and a science probably Earth/Space.

I love this above pictures it was taken in Feb of this year of Trace, Christopher, Hannah and Isaiah.  I love the gap in Trace's teeth...he lost both his "two front teeth" the week before Christmas.  They are so cute and of course we can't not mention my beautiful princess...


I have some amazing friends and family. Two important ladies in my life I mentioned above are LeighAnn whom I have been friends with for 17 years and Jenn.... They are a great support and of course we have lots of fun together.  I have so many ideas and plans and pictures I want to share...I have to pace myself...anyways here we are....

LeighAnn and I

Jenn and I

Oh my goodness...I went on my Myspace yesterday...first time in I don't know how many years. I cannot believe I remembered my password...I know why I didn't delete it when I switched to facebook...THE PICTURES!! Oh the kids were so cute and so little...I loved looking back on them...I have started to download them off the site so I can delete that profile...makes me worry hackers and all that.

Facebook...I am not really sure how I feel about it ...Its great to share pictures and follow and keep in touch with friends and family, but the drama and drama...I just shake my head...words cannot...forget it I'm out of words....

Pinterest = Addiction!!!  Love it...cannot get enough of it...I have spent to many hours on it and have lost whole afternoons to it...I feel withdrawals after a few days and miss it.... I'm smiling just thinking about how crazy this must read, but I welcome it!!!


We are involved in the Relay for Life again this year... This is the first year for the team I am on Team Junction and surprising we are #1 in money raised so far. I think last total was almost $3,000. The walk is in May...The Fight against Cancer is very dear to my heart and that of many people and I am very happy to be involved in this with my community.  Hannah's girl scout troop is also involved and they will be there setting up and taking down.

I think this is it for today...except a last look at my lovies....We were on our way to Busch Gardens last month...

Until next time...... Anita

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012...and little bit more

The kids and I had a great Easter spent with family and friends...hunting eggs, enjoying family time, swimming and eating way to much food and way way to much candy!!! 
We started the day with the Easter Buny dropping off 2 bunny baskets at our house...

Then family started arriving at our house for the first of two Easter egg hunts. The list includes my Mom, sister Hope, her fiance Tim, my nephews Christopher and Isaiah, my neice Brooklyn, my brother in law and his fiance Brenna (she is a great photographer) and a few of our great friends!!

Ready for the race to start
Hannah and Trace had just gotten back from their dad's so I had to rush them in and change clothes and do hair...Trace's was stained blue so you know he had been hitting the candy hard, but the crazy thing is they not only had one, but two baskets with them FULL of candy and oh about a dozen stinky boiled colored eggs that will never get eaten... Too funny

Now these eggs that the Easter Bunny left "Grandma made" are something my mom works on all year. This year there were 103 plus one "golden" egg that contained a silver dollar. Anyway my mom puts 1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickel and 1 penny in each egg.  The kids found them all and then the big kids spent the next 30 minutes counting their "hundreds of dollars".

After Hannah, Trace, Christopher and Isaiah were done finding and counting eggs it was then time for a little snuggle time with little Miss Brooklyn...

Christopher, Trace, Hannah, Brooklyn and Isaiah


Beautiful girls!!

Brooklyn looks just like my sister when she was a baby...exactly...I am going to have to go find a picture of us and compare.

Brenna took a few family pictures that came out amazing even with Trace's blue lips!!  If you can't tell I am a picture junky and my facebook would tell.  I have already had them blown up now its time to find the perfect frames for these amazing pictures!

After we were finished at our house we all loaded up and went to my Dad and his girlfriend Lisa's house for another egg hunt and Easter dinner. There we met up with my brother Stevie and his wife Megan and their four boys Tylor, Little Stevie, Kyle and new baby Ryan....They are trying for a baseball team!!  Just kidding!
Since all of them cannot look at the camera at the same time here are a few...The DeRobertis Grandkids

They were pumped and were ready to rock and roll....

So all in all we ended up with 3 gallon size bags of candy and let me tell you this Mama is not happy that all that yummy delicious chocolate is right at her finger tips at the beginning of bikini season....oh my goodness!!

<3 Anita <3

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where do I start?

I am a journal junky and have been writing to the kids from the moment I found out I was pregnant..I also am a blog follower and have spent many hours laughing and crying along with people I know and some I will only know through their blogs.  Its amazing and for a couple years I thought it would be great to not only have my written journals, but also an Internet one.  However, it has taken me this long just to decide on a heading...let alone to write something.

So I journal for my kids. Its almost an obsession.  Sometimes they are spread out, but I start from the end of my last entry.  For two reasons. The first being that if anything happened to me they would have them and second because I want them to always know what I was thinking when I made a decision concerning them or our life. I wanted them to have the written proof of my undying love for them not just the memories.  Those two incredible children are my world. The reason I wake up every morning, the reason I do the things I do. 
The story of us spans way back and I eventually I want to go back and document from there.  But for know we will begin right here and now...  Last month my "babies" who are no longer babies turned 8 years old!!!  How in the world did that happen and where has the past 8 years gone too??

We had a birthday party for Hannah and Trace with family and friends at our house.  The kids had a blast and invited a few kids from their classes.  We had lots of great food and desserts (recipes found on Pinterest)..that is a blog in itself..

                                    My Birthday Babes!!
                                  Trace and my nephew Christopher...he is 6 weeks older than the twins.
                                                           Hannah and her BFF Liyah
                                         Trinity, Hannah and Krystianna..the three musketeers!!

My Pinterest inspired desserts

For Hannah's big gift she got a hot pink digital camera...she loved it even though it wasn't the cell phone she requested...  really??  The things these kids want nowadays..too funny...\

Trace got a new bike...because the one he got last year for his birthday is too small...They are growing up so quick...

  Look at his face!!!
                                         The bike is a little big...hopefully he will not grow out of it for a bit.

After the party we had a slumber party... Trace had Christopher stay over and Hannah had Liyah, Krystianna and Trinity.  They all were up bright and early demanding breakfast and after almost everyone was gone we ended the day like this....

Silly Girls!!

What a blessing children are!!  Our family was double blessed again in December and January when my sisters both had new babies!!  My sister Hope had Brooklyn Grace....January 12

My sister in law Megan had Matthew Ryan....December 31
They are beautiful babies!!  We are all very proud!!

So for my first post this has definitely been for pictures than anything, but I have enjoyed this and realize I have lots to blog about...of course in between all the other things I have going on.. Until next time...