Monday, April 8, 2013

A little bit at a time

A little bit of blogging and pictures instead of a picture explosion.  Once I am caught up to present time I will not let myself fall behind again.

Before I go back a few months I just want to be kind of serious.  My heart is so heavy lately.  I feel sad and disappointed in things and people.  I try hard to do the right thing and make the right choices.  I know I haven't always and there are things I would change if I could.  But I have always believed family is the most important thing and I would do anything for mine.  Its just not the case for some people and it makes me sad.    I tend to do my thing with my focus on my children and my little family and home.  I guess that is all I can do to make sure we are happy and that is all that matters.  Still.....

Anyway on to more interesting things.  Here is the finished product of another Pinterest inspired idea that I made for Hannah for Christmas.  I love how it came out and it looks awesome in her room.

Hannah is in her 3rd year of Girl Scouts and 2nd year as a Brownie.  I am co-leader of her troop and we love and enjoy the activities and time we get to spend together.  Next weekend we will be at camp and I will also be running back and forth because Barry and I have a wedding to attend.  These next few pictures are from Hannah's investiture ceremony where she got her 3rd year pin.

                                                             I am so proud of her!!

Barry's oldest son AJ played basketball for JV team this year at our Alma Mater....I love the fact that our children are also going to be Red Devils and hopefully they will be as active in sports and other extra curricular activities like we were.

One of the sports I played was Basketball so it was fun to be in my old gym and cheer for AJ.  That floor has seen a lot of blood, sweat and tears...mine included.

AJ is super athletic and as all young man dream he wants to play football for FSU.  He makes great grades so hopefully with dedication and natural born skill he will fulfill his dreams.

                                Of course I have to include pictures of these cute little munchkins!!

I can't pass up a group picture 

Trace was our photagrapher

I love this picture of Hannah and sweet.  One thing I am happy about is that her front tooth is all grown in and no more chiclet smile.

Last picture for now.  I so love these two.  They amaze me everyday and the fact they just turned 9 blows my mind.  I am extremely blessed and grateful they chose me to be their Mama!!

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