Friday, April 12, 2013

Birthday Weekend ...Part 1...and much more

For Hannah and Trace's 9th Birthday we decided to have a small BBQ and a day at one of the kids most favorite place....Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay.  We are long time pass holders for there and Sea World and I do know our passes have paid for themselves over and over.  But onto Hannah and Trace.... I am completely blown away still a month later that my babies...MY 5lbs 3oz BABIES turned 9 on March 18th!!!

Where has 9 years gone??  Almost a decade!!  A decade ago I was over a year into trying to get pregnant.  I felt like I did everything the right way with getting married and then baby, but I learned it's God's will and time.  He was teaching me patience because he knew what his plan was for me and he knew I was going to need every last scrap of it.  I still ask him for more and he graciously lets me scrape the bottom of my barrel.  He never leaves me hanging!!

Back to my ridiculously old 9 year old TWINS!!!  It seems like yesterday Kathy at Dr B's office (amazing man!) said "let's count them up" when she went to start my ultrasound.  I laughed and said "no ma'am just because you have twins doesn't mean I want them".... Haaaa!! She was scanning and said "Anita, I was just joking before, but I see two...pause....I think only two"....This girl almost passed out and I cried. I was 11 weeks pregnant.

Jump forward 16 weeks and I am at work...huge and when I say huge I am not lying....and I tell my friend Alissa who is also a nurse since back then I worked for the St of Fl Health Dept that my stomach was tight...she dialed Dr B's office and they had me come in and guess what.....I was in labor ...not good.  With lots of yucky medication and bed rest I carried my sweet babies to 34 1/2 weeks!!! 

So 9 years ago on March 18th 2004 my life changed forever,,,,for the best.  I learned what unconditional love for those perfect little babies was. They are my gift from God.  They chose me to be their Mom and I will never take that responsibility or them for granted.

I do not have early baby pictures on my computer, but here are some oldies....

My handsome 3 1/2 year old boy!!

My baby girl at 3 1/2

My baby python tamer


Hannah's first cheer camp game...didn't go so well

I will never not love these pictures!!!

Muscle Man



Ballerina Hannah

My heart

Halloween 4 years old

Aunt Theresa's Wedding 7 years

As I am reviewing this post I realize its getting long and I also realize I didn't discuss anything about their Birthday weekend.  I could change the title, but no its all about them.... more soon!!

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