Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Springtime in Florida...

Thankfully its that time of the year and even though its a little late coming I can feel summer right around the corner!!

I am always ambitious and the happiest soaking up the sun so this time of the year I always try out my green thumb aka black thumb of death!

One year I planted a huge garden and when the weeds started coming in and it got to be 100 degrees out this girl just couldn't do it.  I begged and bribed and my kids and they were not even willing to help for money or gifts.

I have killed every poor plant I have ever had after a few months.  The african violet in window sill was beautiful when only Barry took care of it. As soon as I started it just curled up and died.  It probably did't help that while I was "pulling" off the dead leaves instead of cutting them that I broke it off the root.  whoops....

Then the rubber tree that can survive anything lost the last of its 2 leaves and now looks like I stuck a twig in dirt. hmmm.... I am not sure why, but this last month I have been really dedicated and I think my thumb has a few streaks of green running through it!!

I love Gerber Daisy's

Plus its getting nice enough to get our fish pond looking pretty again so we have all been spending our afternoons outside.

I am even working on a little garden in pots for easier maintenance.  However I think a squirrel or something ate my little cabbage blooms...not my fault that time and I will share some pictures when they start looking pretty.  So far I have tomatoes, purple bell peppers and jalepeno peppers.  I am not sure how to grow squash in a pot, but I want to plant some okra and cucumbers along the fence.  I am trying to keep myself in check.

Oh another note I love the dollar tree especially the new one close to Ocala.  With everything being a dollar and so much cute stuff for outside I go crazy in there!!  Here are a few cute things I found the other day.

I bought 6 of the pinwheels but I want a few more, I also bought 3 different tiles and a couple hanging baskets that I have filled with pretty flowers.

Here's a picture of Lily our spoiled Chihuahua. She loves laying out in the sun and standing on the edge of the pond looking at the fish.  Here are a few more pond pictures.  Barry built it himself and with the little waterfall it is so peaceful to sit or lay out by and read or relax.

 Another great thing that I am looking forward to is Blueberry picking time!!  They are amazing and sweet and big and the kids loooovvveeeeee picking them.  We usually get about 20 pounds and freeze them, but this year I think I want more.  We just go through them so fast and thankfully I have vegetable and fruit loving kids!

That's about 5-6 pounds and costs I think about  $20+

Big, plump and juicy

Barry's mom Judy
Happy Spring!!!

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