Monday, April 8, 2013

My loves

I love this beautiful girl oh so much... She is a spoiled, loving, sweet and silly little girl. I am so proud of the fact that she finally decided to quit sucking her thumb a few months back after years of begging, bribing, and threatening on my part.
She is music lover and loves to sing and dance. She is a cheerleader and she is focused on mastering her jumps. 

She is an avid reader but struggles with her work because she thinks she has better things to do. 

She loves to have her hair and nails done and we weekly visit Ms. Mama's (I do them) nail salon. She gets a kick out of calling me Ms and I love her giggles.

She is my work out partner and pushes me to keep pedaling when we go on bike rides... Oh to have young legs again and all that wonderful energy.

She is a picture taking of herself maniac  and many times I will look through my phone to find pictures of her and silly faces.
She is 10 minutes older than Trace and she won't let him forget. She is a protector and loves to snuggle. 

She is my baby girl... My HANNAH!!

Hannah and her new birthday bike.

 Trace my handsome, loving, kind, helpful incredibly sweet son.... He is the other half of my heart. 

He loves money, counting it, earning it and being able to buy things he wants. He always does his chores without complaining and he is quick to remind me that it's pay day.

Trace is my defender when I say I'm on a diet he gets so offended thinking someone said I need to lose weight.

He is a lover of animals and he I call him my animal whisperer. He has always said he wants to be a vet and nothing else. I will do everything in my power to make sure he is one.

Trace loves playing video games, with his iPod, Legos, army men, and hide n seek shoot me up with flashlights strapped onto his play guns at night. He thinks he can hip hop dance... It's the funniest he has about as much rhythm as I do and that is none!!!!

One of the things that I love, appreciate, melts my heart and i will cry one day when he says no more.... Is that He insists and I love that he wants me to sing him "this little light of mine" and scratch his back every single night. No Ifs and or buts about it!!

My muscle man!!!

I am so blessed and thank God everyday for all he has given me especially Hannah and Trace. I never take for granted the responsibility that having children is but also the absolute joy even on the trying days....

The love of a mother for her child is unconditional and the love of your child is priceless!!


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