Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Wedding Story

A few years ago my parents divorced.  I was really sad and worried about my mom and how she was going to do.  Of course having been through a divorce myself its a constant up and down, but I am grateful that my mom found a great man and she married him on 12/31/12.  I was honored to perform the ceremony for them  just like I was when I married another couple our friends Charlie and Cassie last year.

This was Hannah's Christmas present made for her by Mr. Donnie

Hannah, Trace, Christopher and Isaiah

I love her smile!

Hannah with Charlie and Cassie

3 generations

Mom and Jody

Cassie and Mom

Mr Mike the groom

Walking Grandma down the aisle

I love my constant

Mr and Mrs Shoemaker

Congratulations and much love to my mom and Mike.  I wish them many years of happiness!!

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