Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Girl Scout weekend at Camp Seminole Springs

This past weekend Hannah and I and her fellow Girl Scout sisters, Cindy our leader and another troop went camping for the weekend.

I have camped before and I have enjoyed it with minimal fussing but this past Friday night was an exception. We along with 4 other girls that I drove arrived at our campsite about an hour before the others and I knew we were doomed!! One thing i am glad for is that I got their before dark but as much as I did not want to stay if I would have pulled up there after dark I would have turned around and hauled tail home!! I knew we would be staying in these....

And that when made our beds would look like this...

But I cannot deal with this without almost having a heart attack and then imaging them everywhere... Crawling on me when I am sleeping and so much more!!! Ahhhhh I have shivers still....

 The other traumatic things besides no power not even with extension cords, or the fact that the bathroom aka outhouse was forever away!! Was that after we got everyone to sleep at like midnight the cows beside us decided to moo and carry on all night long. Also the wild turkeys that I later learned roost above the tents squawked, screamed and made a noise that was a cross between a clicking sound and the sound of peacock that sounds like a rabbit or a cat or something being tortured!! 

We had a few tears especially from the girls who got there late. I think it's because they didn't get a chance to get their bearings. I maybe slept a couple hours and I was fully awake at 4:30 am.

I couldn't even play candy crush on my phone for fear of it dying and not being able to call 911 if a bear attacked or a raccoon or rabid beaver!!

The campsite was tidy and neat and very rustic though.

Cindy and I decided after chillin in my tent since 4:30 am that this was not going to work. I was lucky because I was leaving That afternoon to go to a wedding and not coming back to Sunday morning. We talked to Donna another leader staying on the other side of the camp at the Daisy lodge and after learning she only had one daisy we decided to pack up the girls and stay over there. Thank goodness!! The girls were happy and went on to have a fun and great weekend. Minus the ticks... I got one off of me this morning and one off of Hannah thus evening. 

Daisy Lodge
Red Rover

Pinkie and Cutie Pie were happy too!!
Evelyn and Hannah

Pretty view of the old Gris mill
The girls had to bring mess kits and clean them themselves. The cleaned up an old Garden for Earth Day, panned in a creek, tye dyed shirts, grilled hotdogs over a fire and many arts and crafts. Hannah had a blast!!

  I am doing this backwards but here is Hannah's packing list and her stuff laid out. Yes yes stuff is bagged and labeled, but I'm that kind of mom... Haha

Mama and her sweet girl!   
I am sad that our weekend is over but it is what it is. FCATS are next week for Hannah. 

Trace and Barry spent Friday night playing video games and watching Swamp People and Saturday shopping for Trace's fishing pole and video games with Birthday money. Saturday he went to the Levy Co Fair with his dad and Sunday we relaxed and grilled out.

Until next time...

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