Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Weekend Part 2

As I mentioned before we had an awesome and fun filled Birthday weekend for Hannah and Trace!!  My sweet babes turned 9 years old!!  The last year they will ever be a single digit!!

We went to Busch Gardens for the day on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time.

 I loved taking the kids picture with this of my most favorite childhood memories was when we visited my Aunt Theresa and we took our picture with him.  Everytime the kids and I go to Busch Gardens we get a new one.

 I say it a million times over but AJ and Garrett our amazing boys that are so good to Hannah and Trace.  I love them like my own and I am so proud of them!!
I am one proud Mama!!I
I love the time of the year that we were at Busch Gardens.  The wait for rides was no more than 5 minutes and we literally got to do everything we wanted.  From riding all the roller coasters to playing the carnival games, feeding the kangaroos and pretty birds, to going on safari rides, shopping, eating and taking tons of pictures.  One of the best parts was getting a picture with the Easter Bunny!!!

Now if you know my Hannah you know she hates everything in costume!!  From the chick fil a cow, to all seseame characters, to even it was a fight tooth and nail when we were at Disney for pictures.  When we first started over for pictures with the Easter Bunny she almost pulled my arm out heading the other way, but....she is 9 to old for this nonsense so this mama threatened just a bit and kissed her and begged for a picture.  She agreed!!

She is not so sure...
and then this....I am so proud of her!!

 Here are some more priceless pictures of our amazing day....

Hannah and Garrett
My Trace Man!!
AJ who is almost 16
and more...

My beautiful BIG girl!!

Heading on an African Safari

Meerkat Manor


AJ had a blast feeding the birds

One of my favorite parts of Busch Gardens

so soft...

I believe everyone's favorite roller coaster was the Cheetah Hunt, we absolutely loved watching the dancers in the theater during our lunch and the biggest thing we loved was spending time together as a family and celebrating Hannah and Trace turning 9!!

Part 3 to come....

Until next time!!!

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